The Extinction Warriors Club

The First Real Animal Tokenized NFT Collection

warrior land
warrior land


For years the members of the Extinction Warriors Club have been forced to live under rugged conditions not able to find their place on Earth. Surviving some of the most catastrophic situations bonded them together to an unmatched level of evolution. The time has come for them to step forward to turn their ancestors' dreams into reality. It is time to rise. To be seen. To be heard. 10,000 made it!

As they were riding on a hot air balloon a mysterious parcel of land manifested - what soon became known as Warrior Land. It was the safest place in the universe, the perfect location to establish the HQ for the Extinction Warriors Club.

Now our Warriors will need to survive, let's help strive and survive!

Warriors arriving to Warrior Land

Club Statutes

Bonfire Forgive

Be a Forgiver:

In reality, we love humans and we are ready to start growing together but this time under the EWC rules.


Brothers Never Forgotten:

Club members will always have unique VIP access to Warrior Land.

hot air balloon

Your Back is Covered:

Contribution to the colleagues that never made it to the Extinction Land.



Given the pleasant Conditions, Warriors will start to reproduce again but this time with no fear.


Team Creation and Project Tech Development

Raising Awareness through a community that is willing to keep breathing life into our planet

Mint Day Party Announcement

Exclusive Early Adopters Giveaways for Discord Members

Warrior Release

Reveal the connection between the purchased NFT and Real World

Community Funds: 8% of the project will be used on a dedicated funds wallet to improve our R&D and keep innovating by implementing your feedback

NFT Holder Benefits to gain access to exclusive membership contests and awards

Community feedback is the Team's main driver to make the Warriors' dreams become a reality. Exciting partnerships will surprise our warriors.


Date TBA. Pre-sale will start 24 hours before mint for our most loyal whitelisted club members.

Add a MetaMask extension on your browser with some funds to buy your tokens.

Only 5 tokens will be available per transaction. A new section will appear on our website to enable minting. Tokens to be revealed 48 hours after general sale start.

Every NFT has a unique connection with our planet, enabling our holders to become leaders in making a real impact on nature thrive. More details are to be revealed.

Of Course. We love to see our earliest members battling alongside our warriors from the beginning. Benefits will be distributed within our Discord Community.

Giveaways and Rewards

We are infinitely committed to giving our minters the best possible experience through our tech stack as they compose the most solid foundation for EWC. As a sign of gratitude, our Warriors will be rewarding our deepest community members with exclusive opportunities to fully embrace their experience.

The smoothest processes to become part of the Club have been carefully designed by our Strategy and Operations Team to ease the onboarding process.

High Club Ranks, Free NFT Giveaways, and Exclusive Pre-Sale Access will be granted to our top Club Members.

Don´t miss the opportunity to learn more.

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